Infineon 1,5 Billion Security Chips Sold

1,5 Milliarden verkaufte Sicherheitschips für ID-Karten. Sie basieren auf der Sicherheitstechnologie Integrity Guard.
1.5 billion security chips sold for ID cards. They are based on Integrity Guard security technology.

Infineon's security technology Integrity Guard protects passports and ID cards worldwide. The developers let themselves get inspired by the functional principle of DNA. And this has been very successful: 1.5 billion security chips have now been sold.

Integrity Guard chips are based on a self-testing safety technology. Two CPU cores constantly check each other when performing operations. In this way, the security status is continuously monitored. According to Infineon, the technology also enables autonomous reaction to security breaches.

It is no coincidence that the security concept is reminiscent of information storage in DNA, where information is redundant due to its structure in a double helix and correction mechanisms ensure »data integrity«. Infineon's developers took these mechanisms as a model and transferred them to digital processes.

Fully Encrypted Data Path

The two CPU cores work with hardware-encrypted algorithms and different dynamic keys, which according to Infineon is still a novelty for commercial security controllers. In addition, the entire data path of the chip was encrypted. If the data tap succeeds, they must still be decrypted by the attacker.

Authorities use the technology in the form of the SLE 78 product family for ID cards. With the SLC 52G controller, Infineon has now introduced a successor model that continues the technical approach.