Communications and storage software Makes IoT data more secure, safe, and reliable

HCC Embedded uses strong software processes to make IoT data more secure, safe, and reliable.
HCC Embedded uses strong software processes to make IoT data more secure, safe, and reliable.

HCC Embedded ensures that data stored or communicated by an embedded IoT application is secure, safe, and reliable. HCC's latest communications and storage software products protect critical data with the highest possible level of care and diligence.

»It has become crucial for embedded engineers to develop a strategy to securely and reliably manage the vast amounts of small – yet highly valuable – data that is stored or communicated by embedded IoT applications«, comments Dave Hughes, CEO of HCC Embedded. »Unfortunately, most embedded software is not developed using recognized quality standards, most flash file systems can’t ensure reliable, safe storage, and many network stacks are vulnerable to security risks.«

HCC expands its range of reliable storage and networking software to the OSEK RTOS used for automotive applications. Automotive developers can leverage HCC’s verifiable network stacks, security and encryption modules, and file systems to gain secure connectivity in their automotive IoT applications. The OSEK RTOS abstraction makes all of HCC’s storage and communications software »drop-in« compatible and enables automotive engineers to securely and reliably manage their embedded data.

One benefit of designing networking software for quality using modern development methods is that it results in very well structured, cleanly implemented, and efficient network stacks. HCC has benchmarked high-speed network stack performance operating on STM32 processors. Further extending the security of HCC’s verifiable network stack, a new IPSec module is available with a full set of security protocols and can handle all popular forms of secure network traffic.

HCC releases a new downloadable demo of IPv6 running on Texas Instruments’ Hercules safety processor. This is one of the world’s first fully embedded IPv6 implementations and comes with a full MISRA-compliant static analysis report to verify source code quality. Developers can visit the HCC stand to see IPv6 running on the Hercules safety processor and observe the benefits of well-designed software as demonstrated with STM32 benchmarking.

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