Test system Utilizes .NET languages

The Automotive Test System (ATS) from K2L.
The Automotive Test System (ATS) from K2L.

With the Automotive Test System (ATS), available from K2L, the effort testing and simulating complex MOST devices can be reduced by using Microsoft Visual Studio with the power of the standard .NET languages Visual C# and Visual Basic.

The major benefit of having a generated object model is hiding the complexity of a network and its payload structures. Using the ATS allows the focus to remain on writing application logic for testing, rest bus simulation, or implementing rapid prototyping solutions. To speed up the development of test code, the ATS is shipped with additional components used to verify the expected behaviour of the Device Under Test (DUT) and to store traces and test results in xml file format.

The ATS Framework provides all the basic functionality required to transmit and receive messages supported bus systems. The MAG.ATS generates all necessary information using existing function catalogs, creates the sources, and compiles them to a assembly that will be referenced to existing Visual Studio solutions. The ATS Viewer allows to trace internal and external traffic for the supported bus systems MOST, CAN and LIN.

The package consists of test software and hardware. ”K2L Mocca compact“ acts as bridge between automotive bus systems and the test PC. For MOST related use cases, SMSC hardware can also be used.