Development system Supports isochronous channels

The MOST PCI Tool Kit from SMSC.
The MOST PCI Tool Kit from SMSC.

The MOST PCI Tool Kit from SMSC addresses most phases of a typical development process for a MOST system or a MOST device.

It offers a combination of PC interfaces as well as software, including the MOST NetServices application programming platform, the MOST device simulation environment, the test and verification setup for MOST systems or MOST devices and the end-of-line test center.

The software contained in the MOST PCI Tool Kit consists of the MOST driver stack, which includes network, sound or video devices for Windows PCs, and the MOST Tool Foundation, which allows feature enhancement. The advantage of the variety in drivers is to offer different setup options for test and verification.

The audio and video capabilities offered in this Kit address streaming features also including the new MOST150 isochronous channels. The MOST PCI Tool Kit is available in different versions for all MOST network speed grades.