Communication controller Master, Slave and Spy

Goepel electronic provides the new communication controller PXI 6161, which is based on the successful Series 61 and now supports MOST150.

Using this new hardware platform, users are able to individually and flexibly configure the controller according to their individual needs.

Using PowerPC architecture, the host PC is relieved and valuable bandwidth for additional application is obtained, enabling complex and CPU-intensive processes to be executed on the 6161 card. Based on the INIC OS81110 and the corresponding SpyNIC, the PXI 6161 is fully capably of stimulating and streaming MOST content. A number of additional functions are fully integrated into the firmware: Ring break diagnosis (RBD), several trigger inputs and outputs and the functionality for creating a parallel CAN/LIN network are also fully implemented. One module is able to be master, slave and/or a spy and by using several modules in a PXI system one can build various unique and simultaneous MOST networks.

The modular hardware architecture enforces efficient software design for organising all application tasks. The controller is parameterized via a standard Windows API available from Goepel electronics. Users may install and execute (supported by an on-board API) self-generated program codes on the module for the first time.