Debugging Analyze irregular MOST behaviour

SMSC’s OptoLyzer Suite V1.6.0
SMSC’s OptoLyzer Suite V1.6.0

The latest version of SMSC’s OptoLyzer Suite V1.6.0 displays information from the MOST network together with data from sources like the MediaLB and/or I2C device interfaces, which allows the developer to quickly identify even complex issues.

The addition of new features, support for the new MOST150 speed grade and support for Windows 7 for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms make the new OptoLyzer Suite V1.6.0 an even more valuable analysis tool.

The OptoLyzer Suite V1.6.0 provides the tools required to ana-lyze the potentially irregular behaviour of a MOST device. This is done by monitoring the ongoing communication between the MOST network, the INIC and the external host controller (EHC). In addition to the existing capability to monitor communication between the MOST network and the MediaLB, the new version includes the ability to retrieve data from I2C via the standard serial interface. All data is correlated by timestamps in one viewer window.

The OptoLyzer Suite supports network analysis across all MOST speed grades. To support MOST150’s added ability to transport Ethernet/IP data, the user is also provided a view of the raw MOST Ethernet packet (MEP) data.

For in-depth analysis on the protocol level, the OptoLyzer Suite V1.6.0 allows data to be exported in order to be analyzed by third party protocol analyzer software solutions.