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Switching Regulators

Efficient power management is an important design element enabling systems developers to overcome increasing demands for compact size, low-power operation and improved functionality.


KMX62G-Magnetic Gyroscopes (Kionix)

Being able to determine a device’s position and movement is becoming a standard feature in many portable systems. Systems such as cell phones and tablets use the 6-axis data from accelerometers and magnetometers to enable key functions that make consumer electronics interfaces easier and more intuitive to use.


KX23H-Sensor Functionality (Kionix)

Sensors play a key role in enabling modern electronics to more intelligently act within their environment. A cell phone, for example, uses sensors to detect when a user is holding the device to his or her ear so it can save power by turning off the display.



The world has benefitted from technology innovations and continued advancements that have contributed to highly integrated and robust power systems. But all this power can have a downside in the form of higher energy costs and the negative environmental side effects of producing and consuming an increasing amount of energy to run these products.


OIS - Optical Image Stabilization

Whether capturing still images or recording moving video, image stabilization will always be a major factor in reproducing a near perfect digital replica. A lack thereof will result in image distortion through pixel blurring and the creation of unwanted artifacts.


Silicon Carbide - Schottky Barrier Diodes

The semiconductor industry has a well-established history of “smaller, faster, and cheaper.” Improving performance and reducing device cost while shrinking packaging size is fundamental to virtually every semiconductor product type.


LED Drivers

The usage of lighting-emitting diodes (LEDs) in automotive applications is increasing for many of the same reasons that LED lighting is penetrating non-automotive sectors. LEDs are more efficient and smaller in size, have a substantially longer life, allow considerably greater design freedom for improved esthetics, and more.


Stepper Motor Drivers

By rotating in discrete angular increments, stepping, stepper or simply step motors provide a more precise solution for many motion control and measurement applications, especially when the appropriate driver technology is used.


CMOS LDO Regulators

Power management has become an increasingly important design consideration for numerous products, especially those relying on battery power. Complicating the power management situation, as more features get integrated into products, the number of required voltage supplies increases.


Ambient Light Sensor ICs

In portable electronic products, reducing the power consumption to provide the user with increased battery life is one of today’s critical design considerations. The liquid crystal display (LCD) and its associated backlighting are among the more (and frequently the most) power hungry loads in portable products.


Current Mode Step-Down Regulators

Efficiency ratings for power supplies at full load do not adequately reflect the unit’s power consumption under actual operation conditions. To extend the length of operation of portable products on a single battery charge, power must be reduced in all operating modes.


H-Bridge Driver ICs

DC brush motors are increasingly required for a broad range of applications including robotics, portable electronics, sporting equipment, appliances, medical devices, automotive applications, power tools and many others. The motor itself is a preferred alternative because it is simple, reliable and low cost.


Hall ICs

According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, consumer electronics became the largest user and primary driver of semiconductors in 2004 and continues to increase over the corporate market segment. In consumer electronics, portable products are the fastest growing area.


Low Power Microcontroller (Lapis)

In today’s energy consumption and safety-conscious world, collecting and using accurate information about ambient temperature and humidity and the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) is of critical importance. It is equally important to make measurements and provide control information or actions in a cost-effective manner.


Industrial DC/DC Buck Converters

To achieve the most efficient regulator design, several factors must be considered with respect to power management architecture and technology. Understanding application requirements such as output regulation, operating voltage, temperature range, transient response, system footprint, and component budget are important evaluation points that should be taken in the initial design steps.