Stäubli Robotics Quick, clean, precise

Stäubli showcases pioneering robotics solutions for electronics manufacturing. The focus at the exhibition will be on the new six-axis robots of the TX2 series, on ultrafast SCARAs and on interesting end-of-line solutions using the Fast Picker TP80.

From the first stages in the manufacturing process through to final packaging – whether it be automotive electronics, smartphones, tablets, cameras or computers – the wide range of SCARA and articulated robots always offers the right machine for every industrial role.

Clean, consistent performance is the overriding principle at Stäubli Robotics. Managing Director Gerald Vogt explains why this message accurately sums up what motivates the electronics producer: “In electronics manufacturing, it is the performance of the robot that plays a crucial role with regard to cleanliness, precision, reliability and speed. And it is in precisely these criteria that Stäubli robots with their superior drive technology set the benchmark. We are thus able to optimally fulfill the requirements of the industry.” A quick look at the Stäubli robot catalogue confirms this claim. The rapid SCARA and articulated kinematics have been designed for hygiene, making even the standard models suitable for use in cleanroom environments. Should ultra-stringent cleanroom specification be required, special versions can be supplied. Stäubli also offers a perfect solution for the age-old problem of electrostatic charging in electronics manufacturing. The three SCARA series – TS40, TS60 and TS80 – as well as the six axis TX series are also available in so-called ESD versions which offer optimum protection against electrostatic build-up.

New TX2 generation of robots
At Productronica, the new TX2 six-axis generation will be demonstrating its particular suitability for use in the electronics industry. These robots are considerably more high-performing than their predecessors. Vogt sums up the merits of the new TX2 six-axis and explains the Redefining Performances development initiative: “Redefining Performances is all about putting the features of our six-axis machine to the test and defining them in new terms. The aim was to improve the robots in each and every criterion, to integrate superior safety technology and to create a total package that would be at the cutting edge of technology. We wanted to build the best Stäubli robot ever, and we succeeded.” The new six-axis robots are available in three model series –TX2-40, TX2-60 and TX2-90 – that are capable of covering the load-bearing range from 2 to 15 kilos at a reach of 515 to 1,450 millimeters.

Fast Picker for ultra-fast end-of-line operations
With the Fast Picker TP80, Stäubli has set new standards for ultra-fast packaging and sorting. The innovative four-axis kinematics achieve well over 200 picks per minute at handling weights of up to 0.1 kilos. Even at higher loads, the performance of the Fast Picker scarcely slackens. At the same time, the Fast Picker has been systematically fine-tuned for reliability and accuracy. The four-axis model can operate in large work spaces with a diameter of 1.6 meters and boasts an impressive repeatability rate of ±0.05 millimeters. The four-axis machine is therefore ideal for end-of-line operations requiring the shortest possible cycle times.

Stäubli, Hall A3, Booth 402